Without Borders.

design: MittelCucine
The kitchen as a shared environment: preparing food can be done as a team, so the use of spaces, in addition to being flexible and dynamic, should convey empathy. In this way the project ideally embraces the living area in a seamless solution.
For the island, the arrangement includes slate-effect, Smoky Eucalyptus doors and a top in extra thick Atlas Kone Mix Stoneware.The bookcase frames and the grooves are in Satin finish Antique Brass lacquered Metal and the doors of the columns are finished in lacquered Hybrid Dark Bronze.
The kitchen should be lived in an increasingly happy way: functionality combines with aesthetic formalism. This example, sporting a particularly elegant design, favours the centrality of the individual in shared living.
The column wall with doors finished in lacquered Hybrid Dark Bronze features a large washing area framed by Atlas Kone Mix Stoneware tiling with architectural allure.
Other details that, with the recessed doors open, show how this arrangement reveals an abundance of space for preparing and cooking. Everything close at hand, everything in order.
The interiors, in this case in laminated Eukalipto, offer ad-hoc lighting on opening.
The bookcase elements combined with the counter, interact with the movements of the wooden trays that, depending on personal interpretations, change the visual patterns.