Senzatempo Collection.

design: Alessio Bassan
Careful functional research in terms of interior design lead to the creation of the “Senzatempo Collection”. The project is divided into the three classic chapters that here become particularly expressive: storage, kitchen, counter top.
The general appearance is that of a warm and refined kitchen environment, strongly recalling lines and materials of those cultured aesthetic approach that is representative of the bourgeois design reminiscent of the Sixties.
The counter is designed as a work top: the suspended drawer unit comes in handy with its storage of cutlery and accessories.
The “Senzatempo Collection” encompasses different elements, and each is enhanced by the tangible use of particularly suggestive materials: Calacatta Purple marble, Milled Canaletto Walnut, Ribbed glass panels.
In these solutions too, storage is concealed behind the beauty of the Canaletto Walnut panelling specifically designed for MittelCucine.