Teatro Collection.

design: Alessio Bassan
New domestic rituals recount that the kitchen is increasingly lived with passion; a personal research lab in which to study, test and make comparisons, leading to bien-vivre at the table. Each day becomes a theatrical act with a wealth of meaning for those who are cooking, but also for guests.
In organising this architectural solution an additional, semi-concealed room was obtained, drawing light from the large filter in Ribbed Glass, close to the work area.
Collection characterised by modular milled motifs enhancing the verticality of the full-height Oak panels. The framed doors of the lacquered bases have a new perimeter pattern. Few and select are the materials suggested on a palette of light and natural colours.
The worktop and the sides of the island are clad in Inalco Blanco Arenado Stoneware which, with the natural wood, contributes to a sophisticated and trendy combination.
The Ribbed Glass partition is a light filter that breaks up the spatial continuity of wooden surfaces. The fixed profile in Black Aluminium contributes towards emphasising the break between the two side niches.
In this collection, the doors of the bases have also been interpreted in an original way: the patterned frames become an ageless statement.
Door opening towards the pantry area decorated with a wall-mounted bookcase finished in black. Double swing opening mechanism.