Ritmo Collection.

design: Alessio Bassan
Confidently, with definite style, a new decorative format takes shape, born from the harmonious properties of the materials. Wood is the main player, and the “herringbone” patterns characterising some of the surfaces of this collection, determine an aesthetic rhythmic background.
Nature pervades the home: wood fashioned in elegant “herringbone”, dresses the columns that conceal an ancillary storage room, reachable through a special full-height door.
The doors of the bases are proposed in Satin finish Antique Gold lacquered Metal and their contribution is an extra, with the whole environment becoming brighter and richer.
The collection is proposed in Smoky Eucalyptus wood with the doors of the columns veneered using a “Herringbone” technique. Unusual combinations between the wooden drawers and the doors in Satin finish Antique Gold lacquered Metal, with the Marron Abujardado Stoneware Top.
The island element is strongly characterised by a three-element arrangement: the drawer unit with “dovetail” joint crafting, snack counter in wood and storage units supporting the food preparation and cooking area.
The recessed washing block is sophisticatedly interpreted here. The greater depth, illuminated shelves, Stoneware tiling, as well as the Metal Lacquer finish, are the result of meticulous designing.
A close-up of the interleading door to the storage room. 180° opening, full height, guaranteed by a precise double swing mechanism.
Protagonists of this scenario are also the two elegant show cases that can hold and exhibit favourite objects and collections.