Everyday Magic.

interior design: Gunther Blum / Albholz

photos: Armin Buhl

The architecture of this kitchen is structured as an elementary geometric figure that contains closed and sharply defined shapes.
The magical encounter between a top-class materic choice and the absolute severity of its design, becomes an essential feature confirming the very best in styling trends.
Elegance becomes balance in an almost perfect symmetry, deliberately unbalanced by the sole volume of the side-mounted marble sink.
With the set of cabinets closed, a feeling of calm and balance emanates: when open, this kitchen shows superb organisation and cleanliness.
The single-block sink unit in Breccia Imperiale Granite, a beautifully hand-crafted product built with inspired graphic substantiality.
The added value of a prolific constructive professionalism can be seen in a painstaking attention to detail: here the materic connections, technical difficulties and delicate volumetric suggestions all coexist.
The drawers’ interiors are organized with dedicated partitions for precise and orderly storing.