Buen Retiro.

design: MittelCucine
Just two materials have been selected for the design of this kitchen which is positioned in the centre of an attic, skilfully renovated to create a space that is as intimate as it is reserved and personal.
The kitchen is the core of this stunning space that knows how to play with contrasting styles.
Once open, the 4 doors retract into their concealed position: in this way the kitchen gets transformed into a practical and large workshop ready for culinary feats.
Counter completely clad in Blanco Arenado Stoneware. The doors of the storage cabinets are in Black Fenix supported by the sturdy vertical feature of handles with a black knurled finish.
These details highlight the Blanco Arenado Stoneware tiling behind the washing block.
The custom-made columns follow the development of the interior spaces, designing interesting visual trajectories.