Simple Mood.

interior design: Alessio Bassan and Fabio Girardi.

photos: Simone Furiosi

In this project one senses something different, a fluid succession of disciplined spaces, without definite breaks. Two large wings with storage function give the rooms new perspectives.
The plan is as simple as it is extremely contemporary and current. The grey wall block lives seamlessly with the perimeter of the house, while the island is a materic mono-block.
The choice to coordinate the kitchen in grey and neutral tones, allows maximum freedom in surrounding oneself with colourful and unconventional objects.
Shelves with suitable integrated lighting enhance the simplicity of the open compartment.
The electrical tower is a practical all-purpose element installed on the worktop. Particularly interesting is this solution with the cover derived from the ceramic top.
The recessed door on the right column conceals household appliances when not in use.
Complementing the kitchen, this special design devised two wings clad in wood, providing storage. The pantries are equipped with freely positionable inner shelves.