Classic Nuances.

design: MittelCucine
The extreme simplicity of this composition tends towards absolute elegance thanks to the adoption of Smoky Eucalyptus wood, which enriches the effect of the ensemble.
In this picture, the island’s 4 mm-thick steel top can be fully appreciated with its 45° cut Smoky Eucalyptus wood doors, a factual application of Mittel’s tailoring concept.
The choice of a Michelangelo marble sink dominates the vintage finish steel top, creating a contrast with great impact, for a kitchen that is essential, but with great character.
Innovation is always at the core of Mittel products, like this back panel in luminous glass, proposed for the interiors of the columns with retractable doors, allowing diffuse lighting throughout the whole compartment.
Detail of the vertical Conchiglia through handle created for the lacquered doors.
Another new feature are the glass doors with thin black lacquered aluminium frames, mounting the opening system supported by hinges, a complete Air model.